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GPL Mods


GPL Mod Installation


GPLSecrets (GEM+, iGOR, GPL Setup Manager) 



In case you haven`t done yet install

Install GPLSecrets (GEM+, iGOR, GPL Setup Manager): http://gem.autosimsport.net/

Get the latest version of the GPL Setup Manager here: http://gplmotorworks.gplworld.de/


With GEM+ you can easily adjust GPL settings like sound, layout, graphics, seasons, tracks, etc. outside of GPL. GEM+ additionally patches GPL with each mod's physics. This means that you cannot drive GPL mods without using GEM+.

With iGOR you can join GPL online races with up to 20 drivers.

With GPL Setup Manager you can create and modify setups outside of GPL.


Do not install GPLSecrets into your GPL installation!

You need GEM+ 2.5.32 or higher to run GPL mods!

For GEM+ indexing needs to be activated (Windows default setting), because GEM+ needs to access the GPL player profiles!





To show the iGOR racelist you have to enter the new IP:


Go to the folder

…\Program Files\GPLSecrets\iGOR


and edit the iGOR.ini file.

Change the old IP = gplrank.info to:


[ RaceListServers ]

IP = blw.net


Enjoy the update of your iGOR racelist with all available server for online races.



Creating a GPL Player



Start GPL via Start -> Programs -> GPL -> Grand Prix Legends 1.3 and create a new player for each mod, e.g.:


Firstname_Lastname55               (1955 Formula 1 Mod) 

Firstname_Lastname65               (1965 Formula 1 Mod)

Firstname_Lastname66               (1966 Formula 1 Mod) 

Firstname_Lastname67             (1967 Formula 1 Original)

Firstname_Lastname67x             (1967 Formula 1 Extra Mod/ Historical Mod) 

Firstname_LastnameF2              (1967 Formula 2 Mod)

Firstname_Lastname69               (1969 Formula 1 Mod)

Firstname_Lastname69x             (1969 Formula 1 Extra Mod)

Firstname_LastnameCA66          (1966 Can-Am Mod)

Firstname_LastnameCA71          (1971 Can-Am Mod)

Firstname_LastnameGT              (1967 Sportscars Mod)

Firstname_LastnameRX              (Stratos Mod)

Firstname_LastnameTC              (ThunderCars Mod)

Firstname_LastnameN65           (1965 Formula 1 Night Mod)

Firstname_LastnameN67           (1967 Formula 1 Night Mod)



Calibrate your wheel, deactivate all driving assistants, adjust your resolution and activate the Grand Prix race mode in GPL.

GPL chooses for every new created driver the slowest car type “Basic Trainer”. Therefore you should change to the “Grand Prix” race mode in GPL at the track selection menu for all mods.



Download and Installation of GPL Mods



Please run all installers as administrator (via right click on the installer file)!








GPL 1955 mod





GPL 1965 Mod


GPL 1965 Mod Installer 2.0.2 


GPLPS Track Installer for F1 1965 season 








GPL 1966 Mod


66 Patch: http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?ir=Mods








GPL 1967 Extra Mod/ Historical Mod







GPL 1969 Mod


69 Patch: http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?ir=Mods








GPL 1969 Extra Mod








GPL 1966 Can-Am Mod








GPL 1971 Can-Am Mod



CA71 Patch: http://canam71.gplworld.de/








GPL F2 Mod (1967 Formula 2)









GPL GT Mod (1967 Sportscars)








GPL Stratos Mod (RX)


Click here for the

Installation Guide GPL Stratos Mod (RX)









GPL ThunderCars Mod (TC)






GPL Night Mod (N65/ N67)


Note: Check that the installer points to the right path, like
and not